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Looking for somewhere to get your dancing on? Venture off to The Dominican Republic (DR), where you’ll most likely succumb to dancing your days away on the beach to the tune of the bachata, the famous dance the country is known for. The DR shares its island with Haiti, an under-developed country, but what Haiti lacks in tourism, The DR gains in perfection. Explore the many facets of The DR and you’ll surely enjoy every second of your vacation to this Caribbean island. The history of The DR dates back some 500 years, the fishing villages attract backpackers, the food is extra spicy and the palmed lined beaches is where you’ll find the tourists that flock here on a yearly basis. One of the lovely things about traveling to the Dominican is the laid-back island lifestyle you’ll be swept into. The country is a fan of taking things nice and slow, and so if you booked a reservation for an hour ago and you still haven’t seated, not to worry, it’s the island way of life. The best time to dig your toes into the sand in The DR is during the months of December to May, where the weathers hot, and the tourists and locals are waiting to get a spot of the beaches along The Dominican’s tropical shores.

Travel Information:

Language – Spanish
Currency – Peso (DOP)
Culture – Caribbean
Cuisine – Caribbean

Top Cities:

Punta Cana
Puerto Plata

Best Beaches:

With over 200 miles of sandy shores, The Dominican Republic is surely known for its spectacular beaches. Punta Cana and Bavaro Beach are where the tourists spend their weeks. With pillow white sand, swaying palm trees lining the shore, and crystal clear waters we certainly know why everyone always comes here so much. There are a plethora of all-inclusive resorts that only deem it as one of the best beach towns in The DR.
Punta Rucia is located on the northern coast of The DR and is deemed as a snorkel haven. With Paradise Island just a 40-minute boat ride from the shore, you’ll take in the popularity of this beach as you explore the underwater spectacle of this island.
Soana Island is excursion haven Bahia de Las Aguilas is the spot to kick back and relax, Sosua Beach is one of the most popular beaches along the northern coast.
Cabarete Beach is one of the best spots to go windsurfing or kite-boarding. Rent a board and fly through the sky, or sit along the shore to see a multitude of vibrantly crafted kites soaring in the sky.
Playa Grande is deemed as one of the best beaches in the world with its pina colada’s, turquoise waters and surfers perusing the beach and waves.
Playa Rincon, located in the Samana peninsula is where you’ll truly enjoy a postcard picture perfect vacation with its lush tropical landscape and turquoise waters lining the shore.

Top Attractions:

The beauty of The DR is that it offers its tourists a week away from all of their worries and takes them into a world that completely takes you back to a life we all so wish we could lead. Explore The Altos de Chavon in La Romana, a re-creation of a 16th century Spanish village, or venture off to Parque Nacional Los Haitises where you’ll hike through hundreds of plant species and birds cascading up above. Go windsurfing or kite-surfing along the coast of Cabarete or visit one of the many national parks located on the island. Each unique it its own right, the parks are bursting at the seams with lush flora and fauna. Go swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, venture off on a catamaran ride, go on a zip-line adventure, watch the whales sail through the waters, snorkel with sharks and sting rays or swim with dolphins. No matter what adventure you partake in while in The DR, you’ll love every second of it.

Dining & Nightlife:

Here in The Dominican Republic you will find culinary expertise at its finest. No matter what type of cuisine you wish to explore, The DR has it all and so much more. From Spaghettissimo’s contemporary Italian restaurant in Santo Domingo to El Patio’s rare Caribbean fair in Casa de Campo, the country is bursting with culinary geniuses that will surely hit up a taste bud or two of yours. If you’re looking to party all night long you’re going to want to venture off to Punta Cana, where the lights are shining, the shots are poured and the music is pumping. Each of the resorts and within town is where you’ll find a club or bar of your liking.

Why We Love It:

The DR is easy to fall in love with because of it offers you a tropical oasis all the while ensuring you’re truly spending a week in the hot sun without a care in the world. Spend a week in The Dominican, and you’ll certainly be booking another vacation here quicker than you can book your first one.