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If you’re looking for a place that introduced chocolate, chilies and corn to the world, than you’re going to want to venture off to Mexico for a week or two. The country of Mexico is boasting at the seams with pristine beaches, partying all night long and history like no other. Wherever you choose to enjoy your week away, you’ll embark on an adventure or two, take in the unique architectural history of the country or take to the pillow white beaches and take in the beauty of the seashore. One of the lovely things about Mexico is the vibrant colours that can be found throughout the country. If you peruse the boardwalk at night or watch the sunset along the shore, you’ll see vibrant hues of the tropical sun beaming on down you. The best time to visit Mexico is during the months of December to April as hurricane season is from June to October. During June to August temperatures rise to that hot humid tropical weather with a mix of rain and sun cascading down on you. If you’re one to cave into misconceptions of a place, don’t think that Mexico is all about siestas and sombreros, the country traditionally has a siesta from 2-4pm, but any other time of the day you can walk along the Mexicans as you venture off to explore their unique country.

Travel Information:

Language – Spanish
Currency – Mexican Peso
Culture – Mexican
Cuisine – Mexican

Top Cities:

Mayan Riviera
Los Cabos
Puerto Vallarta

Best Beaches:

The beaches are powdery white and the resorts are plentiful along the shore. If you’re looking to explore a spot with some of the best beaches, and liveist crowd, spend a week at a mega-resort in Cancun. With unique coral reefs, surrounding jungles and tranquil lagoons, you can explore the mystical nature of the place with a drink in your hand.
Cozumel is the perfect spot to enjoy the calm waters and sandy waters along the western shore of Mexico. With wave-less waters, this is the perfect spot to go swimming, think of it as your own giant aquarium.
Playa del Carmen is known as one of the most eclectic beachside towns along the shore. With restaurants, clubs, cafes, shops, parks, and ruins, this is one spot you’ll want to visit for the day, or better yet spend the week here to take in each unique spot of the place.
Tulum is where you get a slice of this tropical paradise without having to worry about the hoards of crowds. Explore the beach of Tulum or travel off to the nature reserve nearby.
The Isla Mujeres is one of the loveliest spots in Mexico. The place is boasting with luxurious accommodations set in a peaceful spot. Take to this beach to kick back and relax and enjoy the view.

Top Attractions:

While in Mexico you’re going to want to go snorkeling, kayaking, fly fishing, scuba diving, or cenote diving on the Yuctan mainland. Cenotes are natural wells that give diving a new meaning as you explore the underwater world. Mexico is bursting at the seams with art, history and architecture, so if you have a love for one or all than venture off to these top spots. The Catedral Metropolitana showcases a neoclassical design, Palacio de Bellas Artes is a uniquely developed performing arts centre, The Museo Nacional de Antropolgia is where you’ll stumble onto 3,000 years of history and at The Museo Pantaleon Panduro is the place to visit if you have a love for all things pottery. Explore the Mayan Ruins, stroll down the boardwalk or watch a game of futbol. Mexicans are proud of not only their lush landscapes, but are overly excited during a soccer match; it certainly is a unique experience while in Mexico. The streets of Mexico City and Pierto Vallarta is where you’ll find some of the best shopping or venture off to your megaresorts spa for the day where you’ll certainly feel like a queen or king, as you spend the day getting pampered. Or better yet if you’re looking for an adventure or two, go whale watching during December to April, visit the Sea Turtles Nesting Beaches during June to November or go horseback riding or ATV’ing in Baja Sur. Go on a hike through The Cooper Canyon and check out the miles of unspoiled canyon that is not only remote and offers an abundance of waterfalls and trails, but is larger than The Grand Canyon in The USA.

Dining & Nightlife:

If you’re looking for a spot to kick back and party all night long, well it’s as simple as going to Cancun. With a hip-hopping atmosphere for Spring Break, if you’re looking to party on through the night, you’ll want to explore the many discos and bars within the designated tourist areas. Many of the megaresorts offer shuttle services to and from the main strip. Puerto Vallarta is home to some of the best restaurants in Mexico. Check out Trio, a stylish café, or Daiquiri Dick’s where Mediterranean cuisine is created at its finest. Mexico City and Acapulco are also home to some top-notch restaurants.

Why We Love It:

We fell in love with Mexico right when the shuttle service brought us up to the multitude of mega-resorts in Cancun. Mexico prides itself in creating an all-around perfect all-inclusive vacation, and while in Cancun, the service was impeccable, the beaches are pristine and the landscape can’t get any better than this.