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Archive for July, 2012

Relaxation At Its Best

Posted on: July 24th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Venture off to the ‘Sunny Side of Life’ when you hop on a flight to The Maldives, the most beautiful place in the world. The beauty of this oasis is that it’s in the middle of the Indian Ocean, off the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, and is one of the most deserted places in the world.

Each of the 100 islands are secluded, with pillow-white beaches, massive palm trees and green vegetation all around you. As you of course came to The Maldives to rest your bones and rejuvenate your soul, one of the loveliest adventures to partake in is to cocoon yourself in a day at the spa. Spas within each of the resorts along the sandy shores offer traditional healing methods that have been passed down from generation to generation and are deemed as special spa programs through the islands. (more…)

Giant Trees Await You

Posted on: July 10th, 2012 by admin No Comments

The Sequoia National Forest, located in California is a thing of gigantic proportions. The name came from the giant sequoia tree, the world’s largest tree, which grows in more than 30 different groves on the forest’s lower slopes. As you hike, horseback ride of off-road through the 1,500 miles of maintained roads, 1000 miles of abandoned roads and 850 miles of trails, the forest has creatively crafted itself over the years.

With elevations rising anywhere from 1,000 feet to over 12,000 feet, the views are spectacular and the trails are rugged as you discover undisturbed lands through glacier-torn canyons, roaring whitewater, fancy foothills and soaring granite monoliths. The mountains are plentiful and the views are impeccable any which way you stand, or drive, through the miles of forest.

There are a plethora of famous points as you hike the trails of The Sequoia. With three National Recreation Trails, Summit, Cannell Meadow and Jackass Creek, many locals pick and choose which trail they’ll venture off on for the day before they head out. Popular sights within this massive forest are The Chicago Stump, Cannell Meadow Station, Kings River, Dome Rock, Needles, and Hume Lake.

Of course the fun doesn’t stop on the trails. There are the obvious go hiking, backpacking, horseback riding or mountain biking through The Sequoia. And, with an abundance of rivers, lakes and reservoirs the forest is home to adventure seekers who can’t wait to get their feet wet kayaking, swimming, water-skiing, fishing or whitewater rafting. Better yet, if you have a love for those cold winter days, make it over to this forest of gigantic proportions during the winter to go snowboarding, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing.

The world is your oyster, and The Sequoia National Forest is an oyster you’re going to want to explore.

The Sequoia National Park

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Midnight Climb To The Sky

Posted on: July 2nd, 2012 by admin No Comments

Have you ever wanted to be the very first person to catch a glimpse of Australia’s first sunrays of the day? Well, if so, than I have the perfect spot for you, that is of course if you don’t mind hiking 4.4km up a steep mountain and its 101 flights of stairs in the dark.

Mount Warning (or Wollumbin, meaning ‘cloud catcher’) is home to some of the most picturesque views of the sunrise in Australia, and the challenge that awaits you certainly is well worth it to catch the view. As you embark on your journey to the top of this mountain you’ll firstly want to consider sleeping during the day to ensure you’re up at the top just before the sunrises. The hike to the summit takes around two hours up and two back, so you’ll want to venture off to the mountain during the wee hours of the morning.

Of course it’s not everyday that you go on a night hike through the wild national parks of Australia, and so you’ll want to be sure to pack a jacket, warm clothes flashlights, water, light snacks to keep you going, camera and natural bug repellant. You’ll need good hiking shoes for this hike as the steep incline, chain to get you up, and the rugged terrain can be quite intimidating, especially in the dark.

When you eventually make it to the top, the sun will start to peak through the darkness, and you’ll totally get why you woke up so early to see the most mesmerizing views; one reason why tourists flock here from around the world.

Be mindful on the way down as the jagged rock and rugged terrain are not to be messed with. After this midnight climb you’ll surely be ready to take on any terrain out there.

Mount Warning

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