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Captivating Columbus

In school we are all taught the story of Columbus and how he created ‘The New World’. In Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic Columbus’ residence has been restored into a museum, Alcazar de Colon, which replicates life as it was with a large collection of period furniture, artwork and accessories.

Alcazar de Colon - Photo courtesy of Fernando Rossi

Alcazar de Colon – Photo courtesy of Fernando Rossi

Originally constructed back between 1520 and 1514 by Columbus’ son for Columbus’ brother, Diego de Colon, this house consisted of about 50 rooms and a number of gardens and courtyards. The castle was ransacked in 1598 by Sir Francis Drake as the power of Santo Domingo waned. By the 18th century the once prosperous castle was rotting away, empty and abandoned.

During the 1950s much of the house was rescued and restored, although sadly the house is about 50% smaller than the original building and some was unsalvageable. A visit to this homestead will transport you back in time and will leave you wishing you experienced life with these wealthy lords and ladies.

Once you’ve taken the tour head down to Heladeria Valentino, a small ice cream parlor serving up some seriously smooth, creamy and delicious homemade flavours – try the coconut! If you want more than this sweet snack try either of the neighbouring restaurants La Esquina, a tasty place for a burger, or Madison Café for some French cuisine, but don’t forget to grab some ice cream for dessert!